Jack was very proud to serve his country, and did so with honor and hard work and received the Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his efforts.

When asked did you ever shoot anybody Grandpa?

He replied "Well hell yes they were gonna shoot me"

Jack loved life!

And he was bigger than life!!!!!!

With nothing but a Fishing pole and some Velveeta cheese Jack could catch anything, Fishing & Hunting were just a few of many loves he had in his great life.
When Mom met Dad, she was a single woman with three children (I was four years old). He asked her out for a picnic, but the babysitter canceled. Dad said, "Let's take the kids!" We had a wonderful day….fishing & picnicing & having ice cream. I thought Dad was the most beautiful human being. I crawled into his lap and asked, "Will you be my Daddy?" (Mom cringed) Dad always said to me, "How could I refuse????" We were all adopted & I feel I chose the best Dad of all!!
Love you Daddy,

"Rendezvous With Destiny
Jack & Pat shared an incredible love!
And that love was endless!!!
Jack was always stylin' !!!!!!!
In his late-eighties, Jack tried out a few new styles including blue jeans, the color green, and this Hawaiian shirt. The shirt, by the way, mysteriously disappeared shortly after he received it.
Jack loved the "cocoozi" at Carol's house and had to be coerced to get out and get into bed.
The Man whom I feel is the Best Man I Know, and is solely responsible for who I am today.

"If I could only be ½ the Man he was, Id be doing great"

Jack "Jackie" Wright

I will never forget when our friend Diep made Vietnamese pancakes. I was hoping for syrup for dinner, but I was sorely surprised (these "pancakes" had shrimp, bean sprouts, and fish sauce - I was three at the time). I tried to be a sport about it, but Grampo jumped right up and made me some flapjacks. That was my 'Po - always spoiling me! I will be your girl forever and always, Grampo Carrothead. Your Pixie loves you.

-Joan Campbell, Grampo's Girl

In the last weeks of his life, Jack forged friendships with several people at Greenhaven Estates who helped take care of him. One of his special friends, Effie, had this to say:

It means a lot to our family that Jack made many new friends during his last year at the Los Angeles VA and at Greenhaven. We are so thankful for their angel -like presence in his and our lives.

















It means a lot to our family that Jack made many new friends during his last year at the

Los Angeles VA and at Greenhaven. We are so thankful for their angel -like presence in his and our lives.


Jack, I thank the Good Lord for you. I will allways remember you as an angel in my heart. The day you wore your Airborne cap was the day I received relief from God. I know God answers prayers in mysterious ways and trust me - He answered my prayers through you!
Love You,
Effie, Med-Tech
Greenhaven Estates

P.S. Never met a sweet family like yours before.

Geronimo's Grandson


There is a man I know and love, a man who is a warrior.

He is a man who is proud and true. He is Geronimo's Grandson.

His love for life comes from deep inside, as does his love of friends and family.

His love comes from his eternal soul, so pure, so proud, so full of compassion.

The rhythmic beat, so hypnotic, so strong, beats in unison throughout all time.

A warrior's heart, a gentle soul passed down through the generations. It is the love of a warrior's heart and the soul of Geronimo's Grandson.

The rumble of his heart so strong echoes the beat of the warrior's drum.

It is the rhythm which reflects life's pulse.

The reflection of its heart's content.

The heart, the beat of the warrior's drum.

The rhythm of Geronimo's Grandson.

Love, Jamie

June 2004

Wright, Earnest "Jack"
(May 8th, 1914-June 18th, 2004)
Age 90, of Fontana, passed away on June 18th, 2004 at his home in Sacramento with his daughter by his side. Jack has joined his late wife, "Pat" Joan Wright, and son Jimmy "JD" Wright in heaven. Born May 8th 1914 in Johnson City, Tennessee, he served with the 101st Airborne in World War II where he received the Bronze Star and Purple Heart; he retired from Kaiser Steel after 21 years of service. He was a hunter and a fisherman who loved working with cars and caring for his family. He is survived by his two children, Carol and Leroy, as well as his four grandchildren Amanda, Rebecca, Jack, and Joan, six great-grandchildren, and his brother & sisters, Martin, Reba and Emma.

Dedicated to the memory of the greatest Man I knew, The inspiration of Wright's Racing 2005 and beyond is for you Grandpa

In Loving Memory


Earnest "Jack" Wright
1914 - 2004
A Celebration of Life